Where Do Rights Come From?

From where do our rights come? Are our rights (religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, bear arms…) granted to us by the government? If it is the government that grants our rights, then the government can take them away as well.

When we read the Constitution, it is clear that the Constitution is there to RESTRICT the government from withholding/obstructing the rights of citizens of the United States.

So, if they do not come from the government, from where do they come?

This week, CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo said that rights come from man. Again, if rights come from man, then they can be taken away by man. Well, this flies in the face of the primary historical document of the United States, the Declaration of Independence.


The Creator has endowed rights to mankind. The Constitution is written to protect these inalienable rights and to limit the power of the government to within very specific boundaries.

Vox Day takes the premise of Mr. Cuomo to its logical conclusion when he shows quite clearly that mankind tends to treat poorly those who are different or with whom they disagree.

This is why the Left is so willing to abrogate and alienate what the Declaration of Independence declared to be self-evident and unalienable rights, among them being Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. They simply don’t accept that God-given rights are not laws, or that laws that do not respect those rights are illegitimate.

Worst of all, the Left fails to grasp the obvious consequences of their ill-considered actions. If the law can legitimately permit a homosexual man to force a Christian man to bake him a cake, then it can legitimately permit a white man to force a black man to pick his cotton. If the law can legitimately deem a man to be a woman, or two men to be married, it can just as legitimately deem a Jew to be subhuman or an African to be a monkey.

Thankfully, there is a God, and all of mankind has been created in his image. We all have value and unalienable rights from the Creator. Don’t let the Left control the argument lest they follow their presuppositions to their wicked conclusions.

UPDATE: My daughter  is traveling with her class to Washington DC. She sent me this picture from the Jefferson Memorial.

God, who gave us liberty

God, who gave us liberty

If you read closely, you’ll see that it was the founding fathers of this country who understood the importance of recognizing the source of our freedoms.

4 thoughts on “Where Do Rights Come From?

  1. “Rights” is just a legal construct. They don’t come from anywhere really. People with enough power just say what they are, and if enough of those ruled agree – badabing, there they are, an entirely made-up set of boundaries and privileges.


  2. Since the rights are unalienable and granted from the Creator, then of course they would be applicable to both the believer and the unbeliever. Whether you believe in the Higher (Highest) Power or not, since He has granted the rights, then they hold true.

    If nothing else, when studying history, one learns quickly that governments tend suppress these rights by marginalizing people groups. As a Christian, I believe that human value comes from the Creator, and is doubled since the Redeemer also paid the highest price for mankind. ALL people have value and should not be “de-humanized” to steal their unalienable rights.

    Those who do not believe in a Creator have more to answer for in relation to rights, and it is very evident in the world governments of today:

    United States – Right to Live of the unborn are taken away in the name of convenience. The unborn are marginalized as “only potential human” or fetus.

    China – Right to Assemble was squashed in Tiananmen Square

    Cambodia- Right to Speak is continually infringed. Those who speak out against the ruling party in this country are deleted

    Venezuela – Right to Vote has been infringed by the hand picked successor to Chavez. When challenged Maduro brutalled crushed those who opposed his rule

    North Korea – It would be easier to name the rights that this wicked government has NOT stolen from its people.

    Rwanda – Right to Life. Almost one million Tutsi were killed by the Hutu majority.

    I could go on, but I think you get the point. If people feel that “human rights” are human constructs, then those with power will continue to deprive the marginalized humans of their God-given rights. And it becomes very easy to marginalize a people group by just calling them a name: creationist, tea-partier (or worse), climate-change denier…atheist, democrat. All of these people have the same rights and it does not come from the government. As stated in the reason for breaking away from England: Government is established to protect the rights of the people.


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