No homoi.

The Bible teaches that Jesus is one in essence with the Father. Jesus claims to be the Great I AM (John 8:58) and One with the Father (John 10:30)

So, when Arias teaches that Jesus is just a created being, many of the church fathers had serious issues with that teaching

Who knew Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) slapped the Arian heretic when he taught that Jesus was a created being?

He knows when you’ve been naughty, and he’ll slap the heresy out of you. See the post below for more of the story

Arius of Lybia

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.” John 1:1

During the early church, there was a dispute about the ontology of Jesus Christ. Is Jesus the same essence as God or is he of a similar essence? These two schools of thought divided those who wished to be faithful to what was revealed in scripture about the Redeemer. They used the Greek words ὁμοούσιον (homoousion) and ὁμοιοούσιος (homoiusios) to describe thier respective views.

Homo-ousion – that the Father and the Son are of the same essence. “Homo” meaning same. “Usia” meaning essence, or being.

Homoi-usious – that the Father and the Son are of similar essense. “Homoi” meaning similar.

Now at first glance it may seem that the difference in the two is nonessential banter. Why would there be division about such a seemingly trivial…

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3 thoughts on “No homoi.

  1. To be fair, St. Nicholas MAY HAVE slapped Arius. It is more tradition than cold hard fact. That being said, I still teach it to my youth (with the disclaimer), and help teach parents ways to include a biblical Santa in their traditions, if they want. How? Well, to summarize:
    “Santa Claus is an amalgam of stories about at least one real person in history: Saint Nicholas of Myra. This was a man who followed Jesus, gave gifts to those in need, and supported true biblical doctrine of God the Father sending God the Son to die for our sins. He was empowered by God the Holy Spirit to defend this truth, possibly even hitting those (such as Arius) for teaching unbiblical things. So, the Spirit of Christmas is the Holy Spirit, and if we live in that Spirit, then Santa Claus is real. He is anyone who loves God, loves those in need (who is really everyone, from a spiritual sense), and defends Truth.”

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