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This writer offers an excellent analysis of the argument between a local and global flood. Old earthers argue that if there even was a flood, it was a minor local flood in the Mesopotamian valley. You can see from the critique below, that this local flood view is in direct conflict with scripture and the evidence seen today

The Noachian Deluge: Does Scripture Say Global, or Local?


From the article:

In sum, believe the local flood theory faces many more practical issues than the global view, not the least of which is the lack of support from Scripture.

Any support found for the local view seems to be based on spurious hermeneutics and fallacious exegesis, and the same is true of passages leveled against the global view. Further, as we saw, the local view faces what I think to be insurmountable difficulties both Scripturally and scientifically, and the assumptions involved are the real crux of the matter.

Once we abandom uniformitarian assumptions, the global view is not only possible, but seems to best and most reasonably explain the data from science, Scripture, and even culture.

I therefore conclude that, with respect to the Noachian Deluge, Scripture emphatically says “global!”

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  2. The Flood water was on Earth 221 days during which it let all its sediments settle out to give a smooth over numerous layers of varying thickness and composition as some sediment came from near and some from far.
    During the next 70 days the waters drained back into the undercrust voids while much of it evaporated to give thick clouds.
    During the drain down much of the soft sediments just slumped away and were washed away by streams running out of the sediments.
    The slumping and liquidising left large flat areas we call plateaus and mesas with valleys between them and the valley side have characteristic rills and gillies.
    A perfect example of this is the video of The Condit Damn draining.

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  5. I get so fed up of trying to refute the ‘experts’ who say flood was just a local river flooding.
    If they would just do some research!
    German and Russian deep drilling found masses of superhot water in the crust and I think that what the experts claim is Earth having a liquid molten iron core is actually hot water and the minerals such as quartz.
    On my local beach I can find ‘spider stones’ that are pieces of granite fractured in several planes and the fractures have solid quartz filling!
    Only way that could have happened is during The Flood!


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