The 8 C’s of History

So, I’ll be teaching a new class at our church starting tomorrow called the 8 C’s of History. For some of you, the title will look vaguely familiar as I took the general idea from Answers in Genesis and expanded on it. They developed a curriculum called the 7 C’s of History. I’ve not read their curriculum, but it spurred the idea for my class. “The 7 and 8 C’s of History” confirm how the significant themes of the Bible are historically accurate. Their seven C’s are:

  • Creation
  • Corruption
  • Catastrophe
  • Confusion
  • Christ
  • Crucifixion
  • Consummation

For the purpose of my class, I added “Covenant” between Confusion and Christ…I mean, for Heaven’s sake! That’s almost 2200 years of time that God was working with his chosen people in the form of the Covenant. So, Answers In Genesis SHOULD have included “Covenant” as one of their C’s, but maybe they were on a budget.

It should be noted that I’m not getting any money from this endeavor, and I am giving credit for the general idea to AIG ministries. Ultimately, it is God who receives the glory and it is because of Him that we live and breathe and have our being. All of the pictures in the slideshow are linked images and suitably credited. So, no lawsuits please!

I’ve created Google Slide presentations that I will post here for people to keep up. Feel free to share the links or use the material to spread the Good News of God’s redemptive plan as revealed in his word!

  1. Creation
  2. Corruption
  3. Catastrophe
  4. Confusion
  5. Covenant
  6. Christ
  7. Crucifixion
  8. Consummation

Here is a timeline that I constructed as supplemental material for the class. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “The 8 C’s of History

  1. How about the 12 C’s of History?

    Covenant (Abrahamic Covenant)
    Commandments (Ten Commandments)
    Crown (Period of the kings)
    Captivity (Judah in Babylon)
    Church (Time of the church)


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  2. After the Creation class, we had some good discussion about the purpose of the creation account in Genesis. Several of the guys focused on the Egyptian culture from which the Hebrew people were escaping, and how the Genesis account was a poetic origins story for the Jews. They said that Genesis wasn’t intended to answer 21st century questions regarding the age of the earth.

    I agree that Genesis was not written as a 21st century answer book for answering cosmic questions, however with a more complete analysis of the Bible as a whole, it speaks clearly of these events taking place in history and about how long ago they happened. Since we can trust God’s Word about his loving involvement in history, we can therefore trust him with our future.


  3. Very nice! I’m glad you had some good discussion, and I hope the class went well. I’ve taught creation in both adult and youth classes in our church, and it seems to be very helpful, especially for the students in secular schools. They ask some great questions too.

    I especially like how you addressed the star-light-time-issue. That always makes for a good discussion. I’m planning to see Dr. Jason Lisle in August when he does a Philadelphia tour, and I hope to speak with him a little more about his anisotropic synchrony convention model.

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    • Thanks Jonathan. I would appreciate your prayers. I’ve had good discussion on the 1st three weeks. I’ve planned to put some of the discussion up on the blog, but time.

      Dr. Lisle is one of my favorite apologists. His blog has some very clever writing. His books are great. He’s a wonderful disciple.


  4. I also am doing an adapted curriculum for my Youth using AiG’s 7 C’s, and found out you have this blog post from 5 years ago while doing some extra research! Gary commented with what AiG actually does teach, the included “5 Minor C’s of History”. Minor merely meaning they are focused primarily on specific people, i.e. Israel and the Church, whereas the 7 C’s have universal impact.
    I was looking up more on the 4th minor C, Captivity, when I found this here post!

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