At the BEGINNING of Creation

The words of Jesus in Mark 10:6 “At the beginning of creation, God made them male and female.” This may seem innocuous in the debate, but if you look at the evolutionary timeline, mankind comes at the END of the line after billions of years of death. Jesus says clearly that mankind was created at the BEGINNING of creation. With those 11 words, there is now no room in scripture for the billions of years required for evolution.

In Luke 11:49-51 Jesus tells the rebellious listeners that they “will be held responsible for the blood of all of the prophets that has been shed since the beginning of the world, from the blood of Abel (Adam’s son) to the blood of Zechariah.” Would Jesus attribute the blood of mythological prophets (Abel) to the rebellious generation? Would that not be similar to saying “This generation will be responsible for the blood of ObiWan Kenobi”? It doesn’t hold a lot of weight if the victim is fictional. If however, Abel was a real person and as scripture teaches is the son of the first man and woman, then we know from the chrono-genealogies within a few hundred years of when he lived and died. This certainly rules out the beginning of the world being billions of years prior.

If the evolutionary timeframe were true and mankind did not appear until the very end of the timeline, how would Jesus’ words fit with the idea that He created Adam/Eve at the beginning of creation and that Abel was a prophet at the beginning of the world?

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