What? How about time-keeping genealogies.

Genesis lays out the genealogies from Adam through Abraham and the actual amount of time between them is easily computed since the genealogies are linked by the father’s ages when each son was born. These genealogies are confirmed in the gospel account of Luke, who actually takes the ancestry from Jesus to Adam. The arguments I have heard from  theistic evolutionists, is that they are incomplete or incorrect, but their arguments are not supported by anything other than eisegesis. Ignoring or disparaging the parts of God’s Word that do not fit a theory is dangerous to the trustworthiness of God’s Word.

The chronologies of the genealogies are calculated to limit the age of the Earth to about 4000 BC. Without the deep time, there could not have been evolution on the grand scale that the theory requires.

UPDATE: Here’s a fantastic video confirming the accuracy of the chronogenealogies. You can skip to minute 22 of the video to see just the specific parts about the genealogies.


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