Polonium Radio Halos

The reason that this radioactive element is evidence for a biblical timeframe and not an evolutionary one is fairly complicated. I’ll provide a brief description in this post, but for a more detailed look into this evidence, you can see the information here , here and here. Polonium 214 is a radioactive element and has a half-life of 164 microseconds. As the element decays into a stable element, it radiates alpha particles into known diameters that create concentric rings around the parent element. These rings are sometimes called halos. Since the half-life of Polonium is so short, it is unexpected from an evolutionary view that these halos would have been captured in volcanic rock from which evolutionary geologists have told us the Polonium came from. But these halos exist in the granite that forms the bedrock of the continents. The rock was already cool enough to preserve the halos when the Polonium decayed, which would indicate that the halos formed quickly on day 3 of the creation week and again during the flood.


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