Geologic Column

It is taught in textbooks from elementary school to college that fossil material is sorted consistently by age. It is said that simple organisms are buried first and then fish, then amphibians, then reptiles, then birds, then mammals, and finally mankind. It is taught that since these orders of animals are buried in this manner that the conclusion is that things evolved new traits over time and that the fossil record tracks a consistent and comprehensive history of evolutionary life from a simple common ancestor.

The problem with this education is that it is false. The geologic column does not exist in its entirety anywhere on earth. Many of the “established” layers are buried in the “wrong” order according to the theory. Fossils are buried in the “wrong” layers.

The worldwide flood described in Genesis makes far more sense of the accumulation of sedimentary layers all over the world. Dinosaurs are not buried with humans, not because they did not live at the same time, but because they did not live in the same place. Would you want to live close to dinosaurs? Human fossils are not found buried with coelacanth either, but it is verifiable that humans live contemporarily with coelacanth fish.

It is taught that the lower in the strata an animal is buried, the simpler or earlier it is said to have lived compared to the creatures buried in higher strata. But highly complex creatures have been found in the lowest strata, which is a paradox for evolutionists.


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