Not a Monkey’s Uncle after all

Chimp/human similarity. It has been said that humans and chimps have a 98% similarity in their chromosomes. But this is just plain false. For years this percentage of similarity has been intoned by evolutionary scholars based on the assumption of junk DNA. Since most of the DNA in chimps and humans was assumed to be junk, most of the DNA was not compared for similarities. Only a tiny fraction of the DNA was compared for similarities. Now that DNA is known to be useful in multiple dimensions, the similarity of human/chimp DNA has dropped precipitously…to below 70%. If the closest assumed relationship to humans is chimps, but our DNA is significantly different…so different that not enough time has passed since our most recent common ancestor, then humans are not related to chimps.

Another way to see the similarities in humans and chimps is that they have the same designer…like a Chevy 1500 and a GMC Sierra. Same designer…similar appearance. The genetic link of all life is most easily explained with a Biblical view that God would be able to provide a self-replicating food source (plants) and his creation would be able to thrive from its consumption.

If humans were completely different from all other life forms on earth, then what could we consume for fuel except each other? Having similarities with the other creatures and our food source allows for us to consume the same food source or the lower creatures to provide sustenance. Since predation is not an original design feature (prior to sin/death), it would be important that all creatures be able to process the plants/fruits/seeds/roots for sustenance. Therefore, some similarity is expected among each kind of creatures according to a biblical worldview.


UPDATE: The information keeps pouring in that to propagate “the extreme likeness of humans to chimps” idea is completely false.

UPDATE: As more and more information is accumulated and released about the misconception that humans and chimps are 98% related by DNA, the more we find that this misconception is false.

When the genome of one creature is used to construct the genome of another, then we have a serious problem that philosophers call “begging the question.” In other words, evolutionists have produced a chimp genome based on humans and then say it looks similar to the human genome.


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