Faint Young Sun Paradox

The Faint Young Sun Paradox. It is named paradox by evolutionary astronomers not because it does not match “young earth” predictions, but because it is counter to the “billions of years” expectations. A description of the problem for evolutionists is that billions of years ago, because of measurable rates of the sun’s fusion and how it affects the brightness/radiation, it would have been too dim to heat the Earth. So, at the time that evolutionists tell us that life emerged from non-living matter, the earth would have been a frozen rock that was unable to incubate life. But according to the “young earth” model, the sun would not have been meaningfully dimmer 6000 years ago. It’s only a paradox for those who believe in deep time.

UPDATE: Astrobiologists have discovered a solution for the Faint Young Sun Paradox…if you believe in miracles and lots of asteroids.

Now, Astrobiology Magazine has a “possible solution to the faint young sun paradox” (also posted on Science Daily). It’s possible, that is, if you can keep these factors happening in the right order in the right quantities:

  1. Bring in lots of asteroids to heat the surface. You need some big ones, 100 km in diameter.
  2. Make sure the asteroids have lots of sulfur. This will be needed for life.
  3. Let the asteroids cause outgassing of lots of sulfur and carbon into the atmosphere to provide global warming (but not too much).
  4. Keep the impacts from being too big or frequent to destroy the life that is trying to emerge.
  5. Reduce the impact rate as the sun warms up.

If you have to invoke special pleading rather than evidence to keep the evolutionary model on life support, it might be time to let it rest in peace.

The Biblical model offers real peace.


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