Planetary Magnetic Decay

It is being taught that the solar system is 4.6 billion years old. If this is so, we would expect the planets in the solar system to be cold and dead after having extinguished their magnetism and geothermal energy long ago. And yet the evidence is that Earth, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune have magnetic fields. If they were truly billions of years old, we would expect the magnetic fields to have decayed into immeasurability. Some of Jupiter’s moons even have magnetic fields.

Astrophysicist, Dr. Russell Humphreys made predictions in 1984 based on his knowledge if the cosmos and the historical account in Genesis of what the magnetic fields of several solar system planets should be. In the last two decades, the probes sent to these planets from earth have verified his predictions. However, the predictions of evolutionary scientists were grossly inaccurate.

In a related note, the expectation (if bodies in the solar system are billions of years old) is that they would no longer have volcanic activity, but again there are several moons from Jupiter and Saturn that exhibit tremendous heat in their volcanoes. Even the rate of disappearance of Saturn’s rings is inconsistent with the expectations of billions of years. The rings of Saturn have not been around long enough to have dissipated and are thus visible because they are young. Problems for long-age beliefs regarding the inner planets, outer planets, and Planetary Formation.


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