Short Term Comets

Short term comets. Comets have a finite “life” cycle. Each time a comet travels around the sun, it loses part of its matter due to evaporation. The rate of loss can be measured, and the “life” cycle for comets can be calculated. The maximum age of these comets is calculated to be only a few million years. Since we still see short term comets, we can deduce that the solar system is much less than the 4.5 billion years that the atheistic origins story tells us. To rescue their worldview, those astronomers who believe in billions of years theorize that there is a huge asteroid belt called the Oort cloud beyond the orbit of Neptune and Pluto which “births” new comets every now and then. The problem with this rescue device is that there is no evidence for it. They have to propose it only because they realize the problem that short term comets present to their belief in deep time. It’s ironic that these astronomers preach science and evidence, but then they invent the fable of the Oort cloud even though there is no evidence for it.


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