Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

Just make sure it is the right star. I first heard this phrase (Hitch your wagon to a star) in Kenny Tamplin’s 90’s release, Get Out of My Sun. At least now you know some of my obscure musical tastes. Anyway, the idea is that if you know someone who is rich or smart or famous, then maybe you can get something that you didn’t necessarily earn. I’m going to take this on to a logical conclusion with the recognition that if you got your riches, fame, or information based on a falling star, then you too are doomed.

If you’ve hitched up to a falling star (or foundation) then your wagon (or worldview) is also bound to fail.


Old Earth Creationists have been shouting the mantra of the necessity for Christians to embrace Big Bang Cosmology and other naturalistic-based ideas (evolution, deep time…) One of the more famous groups to have done this is Hugh Ross’s outfit, reasons.org. They claim that the Bible introduced the Big Bang cosmology to the world. One of the many problems with the idea of the old earth creationists is that the Bible does not have anything at all to do with the Big Bang. As noted in Genesis 1, God created dry land on day 2, plants on day 3, stars/planets on day 4, birds/fish on day 5, and land creatures on day 6 (including mankind). But the Big Bang theory describes something totally different in a totally different order in a totally different time frame. The two creation stories are completely different.

Despite the obvious differences, the old earth creationists continue to hang onto the idea that naturalistic assumptions about the universe should form the basis by which Christians should interpret scripture, and from a cursory look at their websites, they have grown adept at this method of interpreting the Bible.

Unfortunately, for them, like phlogiston, abiogenesis, and leech-blood-letting before, the Big Bang model has been tossed aside by secular scientists. In this article, the naturalistic thinkers no longer want the universe to have a beginning because this would seem to imply that there were a Higher Power, to whom they might be responsible.

Big Bang? What Big Bang? In a new theory, researchers suggest that the start of the universe may have involved no bang at all.

There’s no need for Christians to compromise the revealed Word of God to try to accommodate naturalistic assumptions about creation…especially as they have a tendency to be discarded as more information is discovered.  You can trust God’s Word as revealed in the Bible to be true and unchanging.


“The science is settled! It is beyond dispute that the Big Bang never happened.”

“What?! New evidence is in, and the Big Bang never happened?”

“The science is settled! The universe is eternal. The Big Bang never happened. Those who cling to the Big Bang are science deniers!”


6 thoughts on “Hitch Your Wagon to a Star

  1. Hugh Ross and his old-earth beliefs continue to amaze me. Even if the Big Bang is completely overturned, he’ll be forced to accept whatever the new model is. Meanwhile the Bible hasn’t changed and is still reliable.


  2. Did you know the Bible advocates murders, genocide, slavery, beating children with rods? Read it all the way through. Most Christians don’t. It clearly says God created good and evil on earth.


    • God explicitly forbids murder: Ex 20:13. Please show me where the Bible advocates unjustified, premeditated killing

      You may not be an atheist, but you’re using a common argument with which atheists attempt to bludgeon Christians. There are many answers to the shallow and uninformed accusations that you bring. Regarding genocide, see Deuteronomy 9 and 18. The Canaanites faced judgment for abominable wickedness. The picture you have in your mind of slavery is not what is advocated in the Bible. In fact, it was mandated that indentured servants be freed after 7 years of labor.

      Besides the very reasonable answers that make your arguments empty, by what absolute standard do you judge the Bible as immoral?

      If you have a morality that is subjective, it is self-refuting and impotent to judge others. If you choose the morality of a society: which society? Which time period? What can change it? If the minority evolves a higher morality, how can they overcome the lesser evolved majority’s morals?

      Since the Creator is responsible for breathing life into humanity, He also knows what is best for us. When humans rebel against his commands, we deserve His judgment. But praise God that By His grace, we can be seen as Holy if we repent and believe that Jesus took our punishment on himself.

      God bless!


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