Swim Party on Mars

At least that’s what scientists would have you believe the Martians used to put on birthday invitations long long ago.

The huge body of water spread over a fifth of the planet’s surface, as great a portion as the Atlantic covers the Earth, and was a mile deep in places. In total, the ocean held 20 million cubic kilometres of water, or more than is found in the Arctic Ocean, the researchers found.

Did they find this body of water? How do they know how deep it was? These scientists were speaking with presumption unimpeachable authority, when discussing details with such exactitude, a history that they claim to be 4.5 billion years ago. And yet here on Earth it would be remarkable for someone to know for certain the contents of the Lochness Sound.

Scientists with a passion for finding extraterrestrial life are so desperate that they have postulated these huge floods Mars even though the planet has no liquid water. These same scientists join with old earth creationists in denying the Biblical worldwide flood as told in Genesis 6-9 and confirmed by Jesus (Luke 17:26-27) and Peter (I Peter 3:20, 2 Peter 2:5, 2 Peter 3:5-6).

You really can trust God’s Word when he tells us about history. Since we can trust God about history, we can also trust him about the future too.

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