Evolution is a Religion

DarwinStatueDon’t believe me? Listen to the words of the UCONN Biology teacher when he decides to stop berating the preachers and begins indoctrinating the students. (WARNING!!! Profanity from evolutionist)

Not only do the atheist elite want to indoctrinate the masses with┬átheir message of naturalism, they cannot believe that anyone would disagree with them. To them, you can have any opinion on origins as long as it’s the same as them. Unfortunately (for them), their own worldview cannot account for good/evil, science, reason/logic, beauty, or truth.

If anyone tries to speak out that naturalism/evolution has some shortcomings in explaining everything, they are excommunicated. Those who do not worship at the alter of naturalism lose their job (David Coppedge) or career (Guillermo Gonzalez.)


2 thoughts on “Evolution is a Religion

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