Don’t Trust the Rossians…Trust the Bible

I’ve only gotten half-way through reading this article, but I couldn’t wait any longer to post a link to Jason Lisle’s response to Critics #3.

For years now, the invasion of Christendom has been spearheaded by attacking the Bible. So much so, that now, even committed believers like Hugh Ross cannot see their own indoctrination to materialistic philosophies.

In Dr. Lisle’s article, he engages with a critic, who accommodates secular teachings into his interpretation of scripture. Dr. Lisle uses hermenuetics, logic, and science to re-calibrate the critic’s flawed thinking. If you’ve ever wanted to read dialogue on how to engage a Rossian with solid scripture and sound logic, then you will enjoy reading.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Trust the Rossians…Trust the Bible

  1. Jason Lisle was brilliant in his dialogue. Thanks for posting. I’ve had many debates much like the ones in his “Refuting the Critics” articles, and they end up going in similar directions. So it’s nice to see how someone else responds and defends God’s Word.

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