Jason Lisle “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” Lecture at The Master’s Seminary

When talking with non-Christians, I tend to hear time and again, “There’s no evidence that there is a God.”

The problem, as Jason Lisle clearly elucidates, is that everyone views the same evidence through their worldview. There’s no magic atheist evidence and there’s no magic Christian evidence that will sway someone to one side or the other.

Showing a non-Christian that their worldview is inconsistent by not being able to account for immaterial, invariant, and absolute entities (that we all agree exist within reality) will expose the irrational foundation of their worldview.

Thanks Dr. Lisle!

The Domain for Truth

Somehow I never shared this lecture Dr. Jason Lisle presented to the students of The Master’s Seminary on “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” even though I thought I had it posted on here before and have told people to look for it in our blog.  Jason Lisle is a trained astronomer turn Christian apologists has over the years taught on the defense of the Christian faith and also a Christian view of Science.  I have in the past shared other resources from him including his “Nuclear Strength Apologetics Lectures at Heritage Grace Community Church” but I thought it would be good to share as future reference and resource for others a “one shot” summary of Presuppositional apologetics as opposed to a longer series of lectures.  Both have their place.

So here’s the video from Youtube that The Master’s Seminary has graciously allowed to be posted online:

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