Contested Bones

The Grand Theory of Evolution has been on life support (mostly from radical elitists, who protect their kingdoms with threats of lawsuits) for years, and much of the contradictory evidence is not well advertised. Books like Lubenow’s and Sanford’s need more publicity, so that the major stumbling block to Christianity, evolution, will go extinct!

From the article:

“According to Dr. Sanford, the evidence for human evolution is scant, jumbled, shallow, fragmented and scattered”


What evidence is there for evolution? One common narrative is, “The proof is in the bones.” But, when we examine the evidence, we find that’s just not true.

Dr. John Sanford, a Cornell University professor and inventor of the ‘Gene Gun’, hosted the session, Contested Bones at the 2018 Creation Superconference, and this was one of my favorites. Dr. Sanford is a geneticist, but he was also formerly an atheist and staunch evolutionist.

I read the book Bones of Contention by Marvin Lubenow (I’d highly recommend it), which was published in 2004, and while the book has been revised, there’s much more evidence refuting evolution since then, and Dr. Sanford provides provides the latest updates in his book, Contested Bones.

Evolutionists claim that ape-to-man evolution provides some of the best evidence for evolution because, we’re told, the fossils prove this transition. But there are major problems with these claims.


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