Reasonable Faith

Everyone has faith in something…usually the thing that they worship.

For Christians, we have faith in and worship God. For naturalists, they have faith that nature emerged from an aggregate of random mistakes…and they tend to worship some aspect of creation (as is predicted in Romans 1).

Revelational Apologetics

One of the most common attacks on Christianity is to ridicule its reliance on faith.  Atheists proudly proclaim their dependence upon reason or logic whereas Christians practice a faith in a magic book trusting their imaginary friend named Jesus.  This tactic has proven very effective damaging the faith of many and keeping others from ever coming to Christ.  In my last post, I stated that it is impossible to escape faith while seeking to discern truth.   Indeed, everyone practices faith.  It is impossible to live and not have faith.

Obviously, we cannot address this issue without defining faith and therein lies the problem.  The definition of faith promulgated by atheists is that of a belief or trust in something without evidence or reason, an irrational belief.  Unfortunately, even many Christians have accepted this definition in their practice of Christianity.  As I have shown, neither the Bible nor Jesus Christ ever…

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