The Magician’s Twin

Great read using well-reasoned logic.

One of the key quotes from this blog entry is:

“An important concept that’s developed in the documentary comes from Lewis comparing science with magic and calling them twins. He does this by identifying three common characteristics: 1: The ability to function as a religion. 2: Encourage a lack of skepticism. 3: A quest for power.”


I watched a very powerful documentary on the subject of Scientism- an approach to reduce everything scientifically to materialistic, blind, undirected causes; it’s the effort to use the methods of science to explain and control every part of human life.

One reason I was interested in watching this is because it’s coming from the viewpoint of C.S. Lewis, the famous novelist and scholar, most noted for writing The Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis is still a very influential figure around the world, and his work is widely respected. He was one of three people who wrote about the dangers of science (G.K. Chesterton and George Orwell were the others).

Lewis had a healthy respect for science, a field that has paved the way for many advancements and progress. Science is a legitimate endeavor and enterprise, but Lewis knew that it could be corrupted, and this is what he was warning us…

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