21 Reasons to Believe the Universe is Young

God’s revelation is sufficient to explain reality. Because of God’s revelation we have justification to perform and trust science

Here’s a list of 21 reasons to believe the universe is much younger than the modern academic paradigm would preach

If the Bible is the inspired Word of God, then whatever it teaches can be
known to be true—including what it teaches about the age of the Earth

#2: Polystrate Fossils
#3: DNA in “Ancient” Bacteria Support a Young Earth
#4: Human Population Statistics
#5: Carbon-14 in “Ancient” Fossils and Materials
#7: Human/Dinosaur Co-existence
#8: Tightly Folded Rock Strata
#9: Rapid “Slow” Processes
#10: Amount of Salt in the Sea
#11: Amount of Sediment on the Sea Floor
Lack of Erosion Evidence Between Strata
#13: Helium in Zircon Crystals
#14: “Orphan” Radiohalos
#15: Clastic Dikes
#16: Faint Young Sun Paradox
#17: Rapid Decay Rate of Earth’s Magnetic Field
#18: Lunar Recession Rate
#19: Atmospheric Helium Content
#20: Spiral Galaxies
#21: Comet Contradiction

Creation Bunch

Abundant evidence exists

by Jeff Miller, Ph.D.

The Bible implies that the Earth is around 6,000 – 10,000 years old, while the conventional belief held by many is that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Is the Bible wrong about the age of the Earth? Abundant evidence exists from the disciplines of paleontology, archaeology, geology, astrophysics, and geophysics which supports the biblical time frame, while refuting deep time.

The age of the Earth, according to naturalists and old-Earth advocates, is 4.5 billion years. Young-Earth [or Biblical] creationists contend that the Earth is on the order of thousands, not billions, of years old. Is there evidence to support the young-Earth creationists’ premise?

First, as we have shown elsewhere, the biblical narrative implies that the Universe was created with an immediate appearance of age in many ways. Adam and Eve were not mere zygotes, but walking, talking, working, and procreating individuals…

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