Is the ‘Big Bang’ in the Bible?

Hugh Ross continues to redefine scripture in order to accommodate old earthism. This article by In His Image shows the shortcomings of Ross’s assumptions

In His Image

I recently stumbled across an article in the Christian Post by Dr. Hugh Ross, the founder of the old earth Christian ministry Reasons to Believe. The article was entitled “Does the Bible teach Big Bang Cosmology?” and, predictably for an old earth group, Ross concludes it does. However, his logic is flawed on multiple levels as is his interpretation of Scripture.  Since the Christian Post is not exactly friendly to Biblical creationists, it is unlikely a rebuttal article will appear there so I have elected to respond to Dr. Ross and attempt to educate him on his errors.

Ross’s first section is devoted to expounding on why he believes the Bible teaches the Big Bang.  However, it is here he pulls a clever sleight of hand.  He admits that the Bible does not specifically teach a Big Bang cosmology, but immediately claims that it is compatible with the text of…

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2 thoughts on “Is the ‘Big Bang’ in the Bible?

  1. I’ve seen something similar in some other thread. You can definitely find certain parts of that post helpful, not everything obviously, but I still think it’s worth looking into.


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