Guest Post: Just the Facts!

This was a post that I wrote for Domain for Truth as a guest. It was an honor to be permitted to share my thoughts on his great blog.

The Domain for Truth

Note: This is a guest post since by ApoloJedi.  He’s a friend of our blog over at Twitter and his blog be found here.

Recently, social media was astir with news that the well-known fact-checking website, had been checking the truthfulness of the well-known satire website, Even the NY Times recognized the controversy between the Bee and Snopes. They noted the bias by which Snopes appears to judge the stories subjected to fact-checking.

This also generated some humorous satirical “headlines” at the Bee (and I heartily endorse you check out the Bee for your daily comedic intake):

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Just the Facts!

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