Grand Slam!

Another big home run from Jason Lisle.


When you start from God’s Word as the foundation, logic, reason, beauty, truth, love, matter, history, life, meaning, purpose, and everything in between make sense.

 It is rational for a child to trust in his or her parents; if they were not basically trustworthy in taking care of the child, he or she would not be alive.  Likewise, it is rational for us to trust in God.  And how much more so because God knows everything, is fully good, and never mistaken.  God is the one who designed our sensory organs.  If, hypothetically, God were deceptive, then we would have no basis for trusting our own observations.  Therefore, if our sensory organs are to be considered basically trustworthy, then how much more should God be trusted?  Clearly, faith in God is very logical.


We can indeed trust God’s revealed Word about the past, so it’s easy to trust him with our future.