Mid-June 2018 Presuppositional Apologetics’ Links

Evidence is great confirmation of God’s revelation. The problem with evidence by itself is that everyone interprets evidence according to their worldview.

Take the evidence of fossils; Christians see this evidence as confirmation of the Biblically revealed worldwide flood as the perfect explanation for fossils.

Non-Christians see fossils as confirmation of millions of years of death that has produced complex creatures through evolution.

So, how does a Christian help convince the non-Christian of the truth of the gospel? With the help of presuppositional apologetics. Since the Christian worldview has the explanatory power of both the material (stars, dirt, biological creatures…) and the immaterial (truth, beauty, math, right/wrong, logic…) because of the nature of God, we can point out the internal contradictions of the naturalistic worldview (and non-Christian religions) with presuppositional apologetics.

Read God’s Word (his divine revelation) and trust it.

The links below are very helpful in learning how to think Biblically and talk to others with gentleness and respect while honoring the Creator with His message. God Bless!

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