Where’s All of the Helium?

When radiometric decay occurs, one of the byproducts is free Helium. An expectation for those who believe in long ages is that the atmosphere should have a great deal of Helium since they would expect the process of radiometric decay to have been happening for 4.5 billion years. However, there is only .04% of this expected Helium in the atmosphere. Totally unexpected for those who believe in deep time is that the Helium never entered the atmosphere in the first place. It is still trapped in Zircons and other crystalline structures in the crust and mantle. This is unexpected from their point of view, because Helium easily escapes through cracks and openings over time. But since there was not deep time, as they expect, a great deal of radioactive decay has happened in a short time. To read further details on this topic, click here.



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Erosion Rates of the Continents

Erosion rates of the continents. The continents are eroding at a rate that would have them disappear unto the seas faster than the continental uplift and in only a few million years. There is measurable uplift of the continents through the little-understood process of continental plate tectonics, but the uplift is FAR slower than wind/water erosion rates. The continent of North America would be completely eroded within only ten million years at today’s rate of erosion / uplift.


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Polonium Radio Halos

The reason that this radioactive element is evidence for a biblical timeframe and not an evolutionary one is fairly complicated. I’ll provide a brief description in this post, but for a more detailed look into this evidence, you can see the information here , here and here. Polonium 214 is a radioactive element and has a half-life of 164 microseconds. As the element decays into a stable element, it radiates alpha particles into known diameters that create concentric rings around the parent element. These rings are sometimes called halos. Since the half-life of Polonium is so short, it is unexpected from an evolutionary view that these halos would have been captured in volcanic rock from which evolutionary geologists have told us the Polonium came from. But these halos exist in the granite that forms the bedrock of the continents. The rock was already cool enough to preserve the halos when the Polonium decayed, which would indicate that the halos formed quickly on day 3 of the creation week and again during the flood.


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Evidence For a Worldwide Flood

Worldwide flood. Genesis 6-11 describes a cataclysmic flood that covered the whole Earth. Only Noah, his family, and two of every kind of air-breathing animal survived the flood inside the ark. If this truly was a worldwide flood about 4500 years ago as the Bible says, then there should be some evidence today that we can verify. Also, by neglecting the predicted effects of the worldwide flood, one could be deceived into believing that the things (fossils, layered soils, flood graveyards…) caused by the flood would have instead been caused by uniformitarian processes over billions of years.

  1. What would be the first thing we would expect to find if every air-breathing creature as well as many underwater creatures were buried rapidly during the year-long worldwide flood? Billions of dead things buried in sedimentary rock layers. This is exactly what archeologists find when they dig. Fossils are evidence of flood conditions. Fossils are not expectations of uniformitarian time scales with the geologic column being laid down slowly over billions of years. For example, there are no fossils of the millions of American Bison that were slaughtered within the last 200 years. This is because they were exposed to the elements instead of being buried quickly to avoid the concentric levels of scavengers. But since we do find fossils all over the world, it is very strong evidence of flood conditions having happened all over the world. When thinking back to the purpose of this post and pointing out the incompatibilities of the biblical creation story and the atheistic origins story, either the fossils were created by the flood or they were created by uniformitarian processes over billions of years. It cannot be both since the upheaval of “the springs of the great deep bursting forth” and the resorting of the sedimentary layers would have destroyed the preexisting fossils. Therefore, to believe that the fossils were laid down over billions of years would cause someone to discount the biblical flood story as historical by relegating it to mythology.
  2. Soil layers appear to be perfectly sorted by water. If you drive through the cutouts in the road as you travel across the country, it is easy to distinguish the individual layers that appear to be sorted. This fits very easily in what we would expect to find if the world were covered by water for an entire year. The layers look nothing like what one would expect to find if they were exposed for millions of years. This is to say that exposed layers face erosion from wind and water. The picture below will help.SoilLayers What we find when digging in the soil looks like picture 1 above. The layers were sorted and solidified in a short period of time so that the layers were not exposed to millions of years of erosion. If however, the layers of soil were exposed for millions of years, then the soil layers as we dug down into the soil would look like picture 4. As millions of years of erosion acted on the layers, they would be alternately exposed, filled in, cut through, and refilled again…all with new soil types to create an amalgamation of heterogeneous soil mixtures. But this is not what is found when digging.
  3. There is little or no erosion between layers. This shows that the layers were not exposed for a long time. They were sorted and solidified in a short period of time as would be expected from the biblical worldwide flood. This is solid evidence that shows the layers did not get laid down slowly over billions of years and endure eons of exposure to erosion. They were laid down quickly over the course (and just after) the worldwide flood.
  4. No bioturbation fossils are found in layers below the current levels. If the soil were exposed to plant growth and worm/rodent digging for millions of years, the layers of soil should record this in the fossil record. But bioturbation is found only in the upper layer of soil. This shows that the lower layers were not exposed for millions of years, but were laid down quickly and homogenously during the worldwide flood.
  5. Huge fossil graveyards. Not only are there fossils, but there are huge graveyards of animal fossils. This is confirmation of flood conditions trapping millions of animals in an area and burying them quickly. Fossil graveyards are found all over the world (Colorado, Africa, Canada, China…)
  6. Fossils of marine life (and most everything else) exist on mountaintops. Finding marine fossils on mountaintops is a strong indication that these mountains were once underwater. This literally confirms the words of Genesis 7 that say, “The waters rose and covered the mountains to a depth of more than fifteen cubits.”
  7. Polystrata fossils. There are many fossils that span multiple layers of soil. This is consistent with flood conditions in that while the soil is still moist from sedimentary sorting, trees/animals can be buried as more layers are laid down on top during the flood. But polystrata fossils are not consistent with the idea that the geologic layers were formed over millions of years. It is inconceivable that organic material would avoid decomposition long enough for millions of years of soil to collect around it to bury it.
  8. The amount of salt in the sea is consistent with the expectation that the seas were formed within the biblical timeframe. Were the oceans to be billions of years old, the amount of salt in them would be much higher.
  9. Delta formation at river mouths is consistent with the deltas having formed about 4500 years ago after the worldwide flood.
  10. Fossilized thorns – If the layers were laid down over billions of years before Adam sinned, Christians would expect not to find any thorns in “old” layers since thorns were a curse of sin as mentions in Genesis 3:18. The problem for those who believe that God used evolution as his creative mechanism is that there are fossilized thorns buried in layers of soil that are evolutionarily dated as millions of years old…prior to mankind’s existence. The choice one would have is either:
    1. Evolutionary view – that thorns have always been around and would have fossilized in the uniformitarian millions of years of geologic layers. This view would be in conflict with God’s curse in Genesis 3.
    2. Biblical view – that thorns were a part of the curse and appeared after Adam sinned. These thorns were buried and fossilized during the worldwide flood of Noah’s day.
  11. Almost every ancient culture has a flood story that resembles the Biblical story. As Christians, we would expect this because all civilizations would have come from 4 pairs (Noah, Ham, Shem, Japheth) once they got off the ark. All civilizations would have separated from this family and though distorted over time, have in their history a story that would resemble the true one that we find in Genesis.


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Super Nova Remnants

When astronomers look into the heavens, they can see the remains of stars that have exploded. The technical term for this is SuperNova Remnants (SNR). These SNRs should be visible as they expand for thousands or even millions of years. The SNRs are categorized into three types: Stage 1 – Seven light years in diameter, Stage 2 – 300 light years in diameter, and Stage 3 – 1500 light years in diameter. Looking at the SNRs in the Milky Way and counting the different stages of SNRs should give a pretty good indication of the number of years that have passed. From the chart below, you can see that the predictions of a young universe align more closely with the experimental data than does the long-age prediction:



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Faint Young Sun Paradox

The Faint Young Sun Paradox. It is named paradox by evolutionary astronomers not because it does not match “young earth” predictions, but because it is counter to the “billions of years” expectations. A description of the problem for evolutionists is that billions of years ago, because of measurable rates of the sun’s fusion and how it affects the brightness/radiation, it would have been too dim to heat the Earth. So, at the time that evolutionists tell us that life emerged from non-living matter, the earth would have been a frozen rock that was unable to incubate life. But according to the “young earth” model, the sun would not have been meaningfully dimmer 6000 years ago. It’s only a paradox for those who believe in deep time.

UPDATE: Astrobiologists have discovered a solution for the Faint Young Sun Paradox…if you believe in miracles and lots of asteroids.

Now, Astrobiology Magazine has a “possible solution to the faint young sun paradox” (also posted on Science Daily). It’s possible, that is, if you can keep these factors happening in the right order in the right quantities:

  1. Bring in lots of asteroids to heat the surface. You need some big ones, 100 km in diameter.
  2. Make sure the asteroids have lots of sulfur. This will be needed for life.
  3. Let the asteroids cause outgassing of lots of sulfur and carbon into the atmosphere to provide global warming (but not too much).
  4. Keep the impacts from being too big or frequent to destroy the life that is trying to emerge.
  5. Reduce the impact rate as the sun warms up.

If you have to invoke special pleading rather than evidence to keep the evolutionary model on life support, it might be time to let it rest in peace.

The Biblical model offers real peace.


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Planetary Magnetic Decay

It is being taught that the solar system is 4.6 billion years old. If this is so, we would expect the planets in the solar system to be cold and dead after having extinguished their magnetism and geothermal energy long ago. And yet the evidence is that Earth, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune have magnetic fields. If they were truly billions of years old, we would expect the magnetic fields to have decayed into immeasurability. Some of Jupiter’s moons even have magnetic fields.

Astrophysicist, Dr. Russell Humphreys made predictions in 1984 based on his knowledge if the cosmos and the historical account in Genesis of what the magnetic fields of several solar system planets should be. In the last two decades, the probes sent to these planets from earth have verified his predictions. However, the predictions of evolutionary scientists were grossly inaccurate.

In a related note, the expectation (if bodies in the solar system are billions of years old) is that they would no longer have volcanic activity, but again there are several moons from Jupiter and Saturn that exhibit tremendous heat in their volcanoes. Even the rate of disappearance of Saturn’s rings is inconsistent with the expectations of billions of years. The rings of Saturn have not been around long enough to have dissipated and are thus visible because they are young. Problems for long-age beliefs regarding the inner planets, outer planets, and Planetary Formation.


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