That’s fine for you, but

Moral relativism. The idea that everyone determines their own standards of morality. Is it cogent or absurd?

  • Relativists Can’t Accuse Others of Wrong-Doing
  • Relativists Can’t Complain About the Problem of Evil
  • Relativists Can’t Place Blame or Accept Praise
  • Relativists Can’t Claim Anything Is Unfair or Unjust
  • Relativists Can’t Improve Their Morality
  • Relativists Can’t Hold Meaningful Moral Discussions
  • Relativists Can’t Promote the Obligation of Tolerance

Why or why not could a moral relativist be able to handle the above scenarios?

When viewing reality through a Christian worldview, these things make sense. We can make comparisons and analyze the just nature of actions. The problem of evil makes sense, and since Jesus paid the penalty for our evil behavior, there is forgiveness and life.